How to Improve your Presentation Skill

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Informasi, Opini


A presentation is a great way to deliver your key business messages to customers, staff or investors. Here are ten ways you can improve your skills to make your great presentations.

  1. First, be clear on your key messages. Give your presentation direction by identifying and conveying the key messages you want the audience to take away with them.
  2. Find out about your audience. Knowing more about them and having a good idea of their needs will help you to tailor and deliver your presentation more effectively.
  3. Know your topic. Do your research so you can speak authoritatively on your subject and always aim to tell your audience something they did not already know. Knowing your stuff will also help you answer any difficult questions people might ask.
  4. Have a beginning, middle, and end. Like any good story, starting and finishing a presentation on the right note will make more of an impression. This formula will give your presentation structure and the audience will find it easier to follow.
  5. You can act naturally. Be true to yourself when you deliver your presentation; it will allow the audience to connect and engage with you. It will be apparent if you are trying to come across as someone you’re not.
  6. Make a visual impact. A picture is worth a thousand words, so use images that reinforce your message and demonstrate your points clearly. Visuals provide an interesting and stimulating backdrop to any presentation. Always make sure you dress to impress, too.
  7. Less is more. Keep your messages clear and direct and make your tone punchy. You are trying to appeal to a variety of people with a range of attention spans.
  8. Practice and prepare. The more you look over what you are going to say, the easier it will be for you to deliver a great presentation. Knowing your presentation affords you more time to concentrate on other key things, such as eye contact, facial expressions and gestures that emphasise your points.
  9. Use your voice. Don’t mumble – project. You must ensure that your voice reaches every person in your audience. If they can’t hear you properly people will switch off.
  10. Don’t let your audience distract you or put you off. Even if someone looks bored, don’t let it affect your confidence; it will show. Keep your shoulders straight, your head up and remain focused.

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